Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Attack of the Elephant Arm!

Soooooo yesterday I was out for a business meeting lunch thing with my boss and our sales rep. As I was enjoying my free sushi a wasp randomly attacked me and stung me on my arm. Not really a big deal except that I kinda have allergic reactions to them (not like the "take me to the hospital because I'm going to die in five seconds" kind of reaction). I proceed to swell where I got stung...bad. So my left arm looks elephant huge. I've gotten a few weird looks, but I just tell people that I'm doing an experiment and only work out using my left arm. You would be surprised how many people actually believe me! At least I got a free meal!

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danielle linnea. said...

haha!!! i love that...well not that you got stung but you know! Hitch the Sequel! :)