Thursday, December 18, 2008

Woo Pig Sooie!

So tonight me and some of my closest compadres+some random chick-a-dee went to the Razorback game against Austin Peay at Bud Walton. Fortunately, we was closer than I would have liked. I did discover my token white guy for the season, Michael "Dirty Thirty" Sanchez, he rules. Speaking of the Hog game, Frank Broyles was literally sitting a row in front of us...I didn't know whether to be excited or drop kick him. Interestingly enough, Silly Chili was chat-chattin' him up the whole game...what a playa. And there were some classy fellows sitting behind us giving us gems like, "If we make this shot, the game is over" (There was literally 15 minutes left in the game and we were only winning by 10). Idiots. And there was some freakin' crazy chick going off at the slightest thing delivering stinging one liners towards the officials like, "Suck in that gut." Idiots. Erica Hill. So...

Friends+Awkward Girl We'll Never See Again+Hog Game+or-Frank Broyles+Idiots=Awesome Night.