Sunday, November 15, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving!

I'm coming back to the blogging world...hopefully you'll accept me with open arms. My life is pretty much the same, nothing super exciting to tell other than working and hanging with the bros. But here are some fun facts, thoughts, random points from the past few months:

-Living with the guys is a day to day adventure
-I got a tattoo
-I'm ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas
-I'm ready to go home and see my family
-I would like to move home for good
-Kelsea lives a much more exciting/hilarious life than I do

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fast Get Paid and the Paid Get...

It seems all I do is work work work while my friends (not counting Zach and Brandon of course) go to class and hang out. Never thought I'd say I would miss school, but here we are. Working all the time=no fun. Here's to remembering the old times!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Apparently j-0-b-s are hard to come by.  Who would have thought?
Here's to keeping my fingers crossed...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well the softball tournament has started and once again we have come alive in the playoffs and are making a run! We beat the #3 seed tonight by 10 and play again tomorrow in the Quarterfinals! Bandits 4 Lyf!

Oh and someone has been tearing down the quote board on the 5th floor where it says, "Bandits 4 Lyf." It makes me laugh. I wonder who it could be???

Thursday, April 9, 2009

History in the Making...

Well tonight at our softball game the first legit, out of the park homerun was hit by Jordan "Young P" Jernigan. An impressive moment to say the bad we got beat by 15 (we did play the defending champs though). I got thrown out bad in a pickle. Yikes.

My arm hurts...fix it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Well Well Well...

I haven't blogged in a minute so here it goes... ;)

First of all I would like to give a shout out to my homies Jarrett "Flames Fan" Byrum and Alec "Gimme Dat" Berry and welcome them to the blog-o-sphere.

Softball season has begun and is officially ruling my life. We have a game tonight at 8 and it's supposed to be in the 30s to 40s I think. Time to bust out the cold gear! Bandits 4 Lyf!

Kelsea's hoodrich phone finally decided to commit suicide and now she has a sweet 1989 Nokia brick phone...complete with the green screen. That's what you get for making fun of me ma'am. It's called Karma...look it up. ;)

In the past week I also discovered that when my honest, animal loving friends, Zach and Alec, try to bring a stray dog to a certain "friend's" (follow the link for a picture...if you've seen this man please contact authorities) house to feed and shelter it, this certain "friend" flips out and won't allow the protection of the innocent animal. I'm telling PETA...and my long, lost friend Cory...

Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness!

It has finally begun! Day One is over and my bracket has already committed suicide or bracketcide if you will. I lost two of my Elite 8 teams today...perhaps the worst first day ever.

Go Gonzaga!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Battle of Cannae/I'm a Nerd

Yes, I'm fully aware I'm a nerd...with that said let's get going...

For some reason the past few days I've been looking up a lot of information on Hannibal, I guess because he is one of the few ancient warriors/leaders that I haven't really studied in-depth. The Battle of Cannae was the major battle of the Second Punic War occurring on August 2, 216 BC. Hannibal (leader of the Carthaginians) defeated the far larger Roman Army in one of the bloodiest battles of the ancient war. History approximates around 70,000 to 90,000 Romans fought around 30,000 Carthaginians (upset alert). Only 3,000 Romans survived. Hannibal won the battle with superior tactics (introducing/inventing the double-envelopment manuever...the first ever to do so) and inventing the idea of a "Battle of Annihilation."

You may ask yourself how long it takes to kill over 70,000 Romans in an area only about double the size of Central Park using only ancient weapons (i.e. fighting and killing each other one at a time)? The answer? Less than 6 hours.

Monday, March 16, 2009


So I'm about to leave for Little Rock for a real job interview. I'm a little nervous about it, because I really need to find a job so I'll have something to do after graduation. Wish me luck...

Oh and Fox and the Hound is one of the greatest Disney movies ever made.

Is it Spring Break yet? Kelsea...if you read this you are going camping with us; end of story.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


MonsterQuest is perhaps the greatest show to ever be aired on television as we know it. It only combines legendary, creepy monsters with incredibly real reenactments along with suspense and the finest drama. What more could one ask for? Oh and did I mention there are monsters!? After long deliberations with my friend Jonathon "J-Thunder" Spikes, we have decided to become "Monster Hunters" or "MonsterQuesters" if you will. Greatest job in the world? Check.

Our first quarry is the "Boggy Creek Monster" which was first sighted in the small town of Fouke, Arkansas (150 miles southwest of Little Rock). According to reports, it is a bipedal creature that weighs up to 300 pounds and can take strides of 12 to 14 feet. It is also know to prey on humans. Well my little monster, the hunter has become the hunted! Prepare to be captured J-Thunder and D-Lightning (that's me) and studied by Top Men. Who you might ask again? Top Men...

Tune in next week as Kelsea predicts the obvious endings to more movies...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

U2 Sucks...

It has come to my attention over the past few days that some of my friends are (I can't believe I'm saying this...) U2 fans. Had I known this before they were my friends, they wouldn't be my friends at the moment. U2 is perhaps the most overrated band in history. They are absolutely terrible and it saddens me that people think they have any talent whatsoever. suck.

This is why, this is why, this U2 sucks:

1.) You're lead singer is named Bono. I could stop there right there, but I'll elaborate. He is one of the most egotistical people on the planet. You give to charities? So do millions of other people. Does that make your voice sound halfway decent? No. Does that make your lyrics orginial or somewhat inspiring? No. I wish you were a mute. Bono is a joke. Take off your sunglasses.

2.) The lead guitarist is named "The Edge." Hahahahahahaha please. How can you call yourself "The Edge" when you don't have the talent or ability to outplay a first year guitar student? Your playing lacks substance, emotion, or technical ability. "The Edge" is a no talent hack. He should take some lessons from Syd Barrett, Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen, or Eric Clapton.

3.) The "constantly evolving band" hasn't introduced any original ideas to music ever (unlike Pink Floyd, The Who, The Beatles, Van Halen, etc.).

4.) Even George Harrison has ripped on U2. Look it up.

5.) Bono howls and wails every word in every song. Annoying.

6.) "The Edge" can't play. Listen to Eddie Van Halen play "Eruption" and take some notes.

7.) It seems everyone of their songs sounds the same or are full of political issues of the week. We get it.

8.) U2 has inspired bands like the Killers and Coldplay. Suck.

9.) U2 considers themselves a rock band. In order to be a rock band, you must play rock-n-roll. All I've heard USuck play is some variations on pop. Yes, I'll admit bands like Van Halen (especially after the 1984 album when David Lee Roth left the band), Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd all have some songs that are a little "poppy." U2 on the other hand is pure pop. Vertigo? Please. When are you releasing an album featuring Aaron Carter or Hannah Montana? I would hate U2 a lot less if they would just go ahead and admit they are a boy band and no nothing about rock-n-roll.

10.) Did I mention Bono is a prick and "The Edge" can't play?

Note: I catch quite a bit of crap for loving Van Halen because some "classy" people listen to Van Halen, but let me tell you a little secret...Van Halen freaking rules. They are 1 of only 6 bands ever to have two ablums (Van Halen and 1984) to go Diamond (sold over 10 million copies). Eddie Van Halen reinvented how to play the guitar (two finger tapping technique) and is perhaps the greatest technical guitarist to ever live. He doesn't play the guitar...he bends it to his will. Bands don't cover Van Halen because they can't.