Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Battle of Cannae/I'm a Nerd

Yes, I'm fully aware I'm a nerd...with that said let's get going...

For some reason the past few days I've been looking up a lot of information on Hannibal, I guess because he is one of the few ancient warriors/leaders that I haven't really studied in-depth. The Battle of Cannae was the major battle of the Second Punic War occurring on August 2, 216 BC. Hannibal (leader of the Carthaginians) defeated the far larger Roman Army in one of the bloodiest battles of the ancient war. History approximates around 70,000 to 90,000 Romans fought around 30,000 Carthaginians (upset alert). Only 3,000 Romans survived. Hannibal won the battle with superior tactics (introducing/inventing the double-envelopment manuever...the first ever to do so) and inventing the idea of a "Battle of Annihilation."

You may ask yourself how long it takes to kill over 70,000 Romans in an area only about double the size of Central Park using only ancient weapons (i.e. fighting and killing each other one at a time)? The answer? Less than 6 hours.

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